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Who are we?

Guided Grace FYS (a sister company of Guided Grace) is a tax-exempt, non – profit organization established in 2020 with the sole purpose of promoting mental health and wellness within the community. We support innovative therapeutic interventions and approaches that benefit a broad base of psychosocial and behavioral strategies using technology that is sensory-based. We create and implement unique program-specific interventions to lead clients ages 4 – 99 to their total mental wellness goals! We collaborate with multiple systems with like interests to support community goals. We believe mental health needs a fresh perspective, so we strive to be the difference. Guided Grace FYS, we are navigating change!

Mission Statement:

Providing hope to children, families, and the community using a holistic approach to mental health and total wellness. Bringing modern technology, innovative programs, and field expertise to each barrier and challenge we overcome.

Vision Statement: Mental health and total wellness for all.


Relying on therapeutic treatment plans, we create experiences that lead clients to move closer to their total wellness goals.  We rely on licensed clinical therapists and master social workers to assess needs and properly diagnose clients before creating a unique intervention plan. 


Philanthropy is the cornerstone of every community. Donating to non-profit community partners, agencies, and individuals that support mental health and total wellness is our goal. Servicing those unable to afford treatment is the reason we seek different ways to procure funding and rely on other community partners with like goals to help support our efforts. 

Donate Today

By donating to our organization, you are supporting mental health programs like music for seniors, sensory, and mindfulness training for adolescents (to name a few). Your generosity also allows us to continue supporting those who cannot afford the unique treatments, interventions, and programs we create and implement. All donations are tax deductible.  We thank you in advance for your support.


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